An Alarming New Trend

The saga of illegal immigration at Canada’s border continues.
Recently, Canada Border Services Agency officials have noticed an alarming new tactic being employed by illegal border crossers. Some illegal migrants who have crossed into Canada are now acting as ‘anchor relatives’ for family members. This tactic allows the families of those who have entered illegally to cross at an official border crossing and claim asylum because they have a relative already in Canada.
These illegal migrants are playing the system while real refugees suffer and Justin Trudeau is letting it happen. He just keeps footing their bill via the Canadian taxpayer.
At a time when many Canadians are struggling to make ends meet, it is a slap in the face that Justin Trudeau is using your hard earned money to support people who are taking advantage of Canada’s generosity.

Justin Trudeau has repeatedly refused to tell Canadians just how much the illegal migrant crisis he created is costing them. Conservatives have now obtained documents that show, over the last year and half, the crisis has cost Canadian Taxpayers $270 million.

Despite this new information, we still have no idea what the projected costs related to deportations, housing, and social services will be as people continue to pour over our border illegally—though it is safe to say it will also be in the hundreds of millions of dollars. Ontario alone is requesting an additional $200 million to help them deal with the influx of asylum seekers.

A poll released last week confirms that Canadians believe Justin Trudeau has failed to manage the illegal migrant crisis at our border and that Conservative Party Leader Andrew Scheer is the best party leader to handle the issue.

The Conservatives are the only party holding Justin Trudeau and the Liberals to account over their failure to handle this crisis at Canada’s border and the only party to put forward common sense solutions.

A Conservative government will lower the financial burden on Canadians, regain control of our borders, prioritize refugees from the world’s most dangerous countries, and make sure those who obey the law are treated fairly. We will ensure that we have an immigration system worthy of the promise that is Canada.