Andrew Scheer Will Scrap the Carbon Tax

On Monday, Justin Trudeau’s Liberal Carbon Tax kicked in across Manitoba. The price of gas rose 4.6 cents per litre, with most stations now charging over $1.20 at the pump.

Soon, Justin Trudeau’s Carbon Tax will begin to hit consumers elsewhere, increasing the cost of groceries, home heating and many other products.

In short, the Carbon Tax is a tax on everything.

More than 80% of middle-income families have already seen their tax bills increase under the Trudeau Liberals. Now that the Carbon Tax has officially taken effect, that number will only go up.

If re-elected in the fall the Liberals will continue with their carbon pricing scheme. Internal government documents show the cost of the Carbon Tax is likely to rise exponentially over time—up to 15 times higher.

A recent IPSOS poll showed that nearly half of all Canadians are within $200 a month of not being able to pay their bills and service their debt. Roughly the same number say missing one paycheck would result in financial hardship.

Justin Trudeau doesn’t understand the daily financial realities faced by the average Canadian family.

An extra $100 per month on a gas or electricity bill, or an increase in the price of food, is a big deal to families trying to live within their monthly budgets. It is a big deal to seniors living on a fixed income and it is a big deal to small businesses trying to keep operations afloat.

Moreover, despite paying lip service to the environment, Justin Trudeau’s Carbon Tax is not an environmental plan. If it was, he wouldn’t have negotiated massive exemptions for Canada’s largest emitters. Instead, the Liberals continue to target families and small business owners.

The Liberal Carbon Tax is a cash grab, plain and simple.

Fortunately, there is good news for Canadians.

The first act of a new Conservative government, under Prime Minister Andrew Scheer, will be to scrap the Liberal Carbon Tax.

We also plan to eliminate the GST from home heating and electricity bills.

Canada’s Conservatives understand that Canadians need tax relief, not more new taxes.

Andrew Scheer understands the kitchen-table issues facing Canadians. Our Conservative team is working hard to create common sense policies that will ease the financial burden on Canadian families and put money back in your pockets where it belongs.