Are You Better Off?

In 2019, Canadians will have a clear choice.

Because he has never had to worry about money, Justin Trudeau doesn’t understand the struggles Canadians are facing and, as a result, doesn’t give a second thought to spending your hard-earned money to pay for his mistakes.

Justin Trudeau promised he’d balance the budget in 2019—or rather, that the budget would balance itself. Instead, he’s continued to spend your money. The deficit will be more than $21 billion this year alone. According to Finance Canada, the budget will not be balanced until at least 2040, racking up an additional $271 billion of debt.

Every year that Justin Trudeau runs deficits, he is borrowing money from future generations. Today’s deficits are tomorrow’s taxes.

90% of Canadian families are already paying higher taxes under the Liberals and there are more new taxes being planned.

According to the CRA’s own website, the Liberals are still considering taxing employee discounts. Hardworking, low-income, wage-earning retail workers should not have to pay tax on the small employee discounts they receive.

The Parliamentary Budget Officer published a report which found that Justin Trudeau’s plan to tax employer-provided health benefits will cost Canadians an additional $2.8 billion in personal income taxes.

Then there’s the Carbon Tax that will see Canadian families paying a minimum additional $1,100 per year while Canada’s largest emitters are exempt.

With all that additional tax revenue you’d think Canadians would see the benefits: better roads, safer communities, faster delivery of healthcare, improved government services…

To borrow a line from former U.S. President Ronald Reagan, “Are you better off than you were four years ago?” Is your family?

Where has all that money gone?

Well, Justin Trudeau gave $10.5 million dollars to convicted terrorist and murderer Omar Khadr.

$372.5 million to his pals at Bombardier.

$600 million to media outlets in the hope of buying favourable press coverage.

$650 million to fund foreign abortions.

He spent $4.5 billion on a pipeline he can’t get built.

He’s spent billions on illegal migrants and lost billions more with his failures in international trade.

Throw in some lavish overseas trips, celebrity chefs, multiple nannies, cardboard cut-outs, and his attempts to buy a UN seat… The list goes on and on and things add up quickly. Canadians deserve better.

Canadians deserve a government that understands their needs and sees them as people, not ATM’s.

Conservatives are working hard to show Canadians that there is an alternative to Justin Trudeau: To his out of control spending, his never-ending tax hikes and his inability to get things done on the issues that matter most to them.

Canadians deserve a government made up of talented, passionate, and motivated men and women who fight every day to help Canadians realize their dreams. That is what our Conservative team is striving to offer.

Canada’s Conservatives will continue to expose Justin Trudeau’s many failures and how Canadians will pay more for them, while presenting our own positive vision for creating opportunity to help Canadians get ahead.

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