Auditor General Calls Out Liberal Failures

A new report by the Auditor General is deeply critical of the Trudeau Government’s handling of the mess at Canada’s border.

In response to Justin Trudeau’s reckless “welcome to Canada” tweet, tens of thousands of migrants have illegally crossed Canada’s border seeking asylum.

This influx has created a two-tiered immigration system, where those who cross illegally jump-the-que at the expense of legitimate refugee claimants and those would be immigrants seeking to make Canada their home.

The report states that if the current rate of illegal crossings holds steady, the wait-time for a decision on asylum claims will increase to five years—with Canadian taxpayers footing the bill while they wait.

This latest audit also confirms numerous national security concerns.

The report reveals that neither the Canadian Border Services Agency nor Immigration, Citizenship & Refuges Canada have the necessary measures in place to ensure the information on asylum seekers is accurate and complete.

Auditors discovered files with illegible scans of identity documents and other errors.

In their small representative sample, auditors found four hundred claims that did not have biometric checks for criminal records or identity completed. Neither agency properly tracked whether criminal background checks were even completed.

Canadians, and would be Canadians, deserve better, and Canada’s Conservatives will deliver. We will have an immigration system that is fair and orderly, based on merit and the rule of law. We will prioritize the world’s most vulnerable and those who do the work to come to Canada the right way. We will have a system that is worthy of the promise that is Canada.