Canada’s 150th Anniversary

150 years ago, our forefathers wrestled with the question “How will we describe this vast new Canada of ours?” The term “Kingdom of Canada” was suggested, but that didn’t quite fit. Then, during one of his daily Bible readings, Samuel Tilley–one of the Fathers of Confederation–was struck by Psalm 72:8, “His dominion shall be also from sea to sea.” 150 years later, this same verse stands engraved on Parliament Hill’s Peace Tower–a reminder to all who visit Canada’s Parliament that God’s hand has indeed been over the Dominion of Canada ever since Confederation.

On July 1st, we gather as proud Canadians to celebrate the 150th anniversary of our great nation. I am thankful to be able to describe Canada as a prosperous, diverse, stable, caring, compassionate, and free country. It truly is a land of endless possibility, and strength.

On Canada Day we come together peacefully to honour the vision and core values of our forefathers, as we work together to build an even better, stronger Canada for future generations.

While the face of our nation may change, our core values remain: hard work, integrity, respect, self-sacrifice, and charity. These are values we must protect and maintain. Let us not forget as we celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday the solid foundations upon which we have built this great nation, and may we be people who remain steadfast in declaring “His dominion shall be from sea to sea” for another 150 years and beyond.