Common Sense on Firearms

The Liberals like to make big promises but too often they fail to follow through—or just plain fail. The Conservative Party has a strong record of proposing common sense legislation that makes sense to Canadians.

While the Liberals spend much of their time pandering to special interests, Conservative MP’s continue to propose ideas that all Canadians can get behind.

For example, a few weeks ago my colleague, MP Bob Zimmer, proposed Bill C-346: An Act to Amend the Firearms Act. This Bill would ensure that no Canadian gun owner is criminalized over administrative issues; like forgetting to renew their firearms license. For too long, responsible, law-abiding firearms owners in Canada have been treated like outlaws. The wasteful and ineffective long-gun registry was eliminated (as promised) by our Conservative government in 2012 and this Bill will build upon that progress.

Under the current law, firearms licenses expire after five years. If a gun owner forgets to renew their license they are guilty of breaking the law. This Bill amends the Firearms Act to eliminate the expiry of firearms licenses after five years. Under C-346 the license holder must simply update their relevant information every ten years. Gun owners who forget to do so are merely suspended from purchasing firearms or ammunition until they have updated their information: No license can be revoked nor gun owner penalized over administrative issues.

This Bill also simplifies the process for voluntarily relinquishing a gun license, removing any fear of future repercussions.

C-346 is just one example of the kind of common sense legislation Conservatives are proposing every day. I could cite many similar examples, including my own Private Members Bill: The Fairness in Charitable Gifts Act.

Conservatives understand what the Liberals do not; that Canadians want legislation that is affordable, responsible and makes sense.