Connecting with You

For parliamentarians, Parliament’s summer recess is an opportunity to return to our communities and connect directly with the people we represent. Here in southeast Manitoba, there are plenty of events which allow me to touch base with you: community festivals, pancake breakfasts, my constituency barbecues, and so on. But there’s no substitute for the best time-tested way to engage with residents one-on-one: door-knocking.
Last week my team and I went door-to-door in Niverville and Oakbank to do just that. Our goal was twofold: to let residents know what services my office provides and to get your feedback on issues important to all of us as Canadians. Thankfully, the weather was very cooperative.
It was a pleasure to meet or reconnect with so many residents. Over the course of several days I spoke with folks about everything from taxes to veterans’ issues to the need for a resolution to the illegal border crossings crisis – to name just a few. I appreciate each one of you who took the time to dialogue and share your thoughts on these topics. Your comments help to better inform my work as your representative. Thank you!
As always, my office is here as your point of contact with me whenever you wish to share your thoughts or concerns about issues of a federal nature. My office can also serve as a bridge for you should you have trouble accessing federal services such as the Canada Revenue Agency (ex. income taxes, Canada Child Benefit), Service Canada (ex. Old Age Security, Employment Insurance), Citizenship and Immigration Canada, or others. Don’t hesitate to reach out.