Conservatives Stand with Canadian Farmers

Justin Trudeau’s relationship with China has been deteriorating and Canadian farmers are paying the price.

Earlier this month, Chinese authorities cancelled the sale license for Winnipeg-based Richardson International, a major Canadian canola distributor. The Chinese claimed that the decision was made because the canola was contaminated, but they have failed to produce any evidence to prove their claim. This week, the ban was extended to Regina-based Viterra Inc. on the same basis. In fact, orders from China have disappeared across a number of canola sellers.

We all know and understand the importance of agriculture for the Canadian economy. The sector employs many of our family members, friends, and neighbours both directly and indirectly. On top of that, Canada exports more canola than any other country in the world. In 2018, about 40% of our canola went to China – worth around $2.7 billion. This is why it’s important that the Government of Canada act swiftly and decisively to resolve this situation.

Without question, the accusations levelled by China are baseless. Farmers right here in southeast Manitoba and across Canada produce quality canola. That’s why we know that China’s decision to block our canola imports has nothing to do with the quality of our canola and everything to do with the quality of their relationship with Justin Trudeau.

The Prime Minister’s missteps on the world stage are hurting Canadian farmers, but if he works with parliamentarians across party lines, we can address this situation. Conservative members of the Standing Committee on Agriculture and Agri-Food have called for an emergency meeting to discuss this matter and find a resolution. Our Conservative team will continue standing up for Canada’s agriculture sector on the world stage and we’re urging the Liberal government to do the same.