Employee Discount? Justin Trudeau says TAX IT!

It’s bad enough that employees of small businesses will already face hardships—such as reduced hours, reduced benefits and layoffs – as a result of new tax hikes proposed by Justin Trudeau. But now the Liberals are directly targeting the little guy as well.

Under new rules outlined by the Canada Revenue Agency, local business owners will now need to track each time a fast-food worker gets a discount on their pizza or a shoe salesman gets 10% off on footwear. They will need to track it so Justin Trudeau can tax it.

With this change, the Liberals are now raising taxes on the middle class AND those working hard to join it.

Is Justin Trudeau really so convinced as to the tax dishonesty of anyone acquainted with a small business as to begrudge a single mom working the graveyard shift at a pizza place a free slice? Or the dad working a second job to make ends meet a discount on a pair of shoes for his child? Apparently so.

Why are they doing this? It’s really quite simple. Because the Liberals can’t get their spending under control. Rather than make the tough choices that every Canadian family needs to make to balance the books, they choose instead to demand more of your hard earned money.

The Liberals can talk all they want but the fact remains that they are taxing those people who can’t afford to pay any more taxes while the private fortunes of both the Prime Minister and the Finance Minister remain safely untouched.

This is just another example of Mr. Trudeau saying one thing and doing another.

And if he’s after your employee discounts today, what will he be after tomorrow?