Enabling Accessibility

The riding of Provencher is a great place to live. It is my honour to represent you as your Member of Parliament and to serve this community.

Working in politics is challenging and often negative and divisive. That’s why it is so encouraging when a common-sense program comes along that everyone can get behind, regardless of party affiliation or ideology.

I want to take this week’s On Parliament Hill article to inform the citizens of Provencher about a truly helpful program that is now accepting applications – the Enabling Accessibility in Workplaces and Communities Program. As a largely rural riding, Provencher poses some unique challenges, one of which is accessibility. This program benefits those with disabilities as well as Canadian seniors.

The Enabling Accessibility Program funds organizations, businesses and other eligible recipients to improve accessibility and safety for people with disabilities by supporting the capital costs of renovation, construction and retrofit activities. It also provides accessibility technologies in workplaces and communities across Canada.

There are two streams to this program. The first is focused on making workplaces accessible for those with disabilities who work there (or could work there in the future). The second stream is focused on community organizations that offer programs for those with disabilities. This funding is available for organizations such as school boards, municipalities, dioceses (multiple churches under one diocese), and some social organizations.

I encourage businesses and organizations in our riding to apply for funding and help make Provencher a better, more accessible, community for us all.

Companies and organizations can apply for this funding now at:

The application deadline is July 26th, 2017.