In One Ear and Out the Other

We all know the Liberals have a spending problem. Just this week further revelations of their financial ineptitude came to light in the arena of public opinion research polling. The Liberals are spending millions of dollars polling Canadians. Now, polling can be a valuable means of seeking input and direction for government but that is with the provision that government policy reflects what the country is saying. Sadly, the Liberals continue to ignore what Canadians are saying and are acting in their own ideological self-interest.

For example, a recent Forum research poll found that only 14% of Canadians supported the Liberal’s Islamophobia – a term the Liberals have yet to define – Motion 103. The poll showed that 86% of Canadians did not support this motion. What did Justin Trudeau and the Liberals do? They doubled down and reiterated their commitment to passing it.

Another poll by Montreal-based firm CROP shows that 75% of Canadians support some form of Canadian values screenings for new immigrants to Canada. The Trudeau Liberals dismiss any such need, again ignoring common sense policies in favour of ideology.

In our own riding of Provencher we have seen first-hand the Prime Minister’s apathy towards the voice of Canadians. A recent Reuters/Ipsos public opinion poll commissioned by the Globe and Mail found that 48% of Canadians—a higher percentage than those who voted the Trudeau Liberals into power–were in favour of tighter border security and deporting illegal immigrants and asylum seekers.

Two weeks ago I asked Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to condemn the practice of illegal border crossings which are occurring all across our country. His initial tweet “Welcome to Canada” created a great deal of confusion and sent a message across the globe that Canada might be open to becoming a sanctuary country. I called on him to clarify. His response: “Regardless of who you are or where you come from, there’s always a place for you in Canada.” ANYONE is welcome? Really? Mr. Trudeau is not only unwilling to condemn illegal border crossings, but now he appears to be openly encouraging it. Canadians believe in a secure border and the Prime Minister of Canada himself is undermining that.

If Mr. Trudeau is spending taxpayer money to hear from Canadians then why isn’t he listening? It appears to offend the elitist sensibilities of our Prime Minister and his colleagues to find that Canadians are not eager to enact their radical agenda.

Somebody needs to explain to Justin Trudeau that in a democracy the people elect representatives to lead based on the desires of the people they represent. The Liberals like to tout their democratic credentials but the reality is that Justin Trudeau and his team are not fans of democracy. Simply put, they do not seem to care what Canadians are saying.

I guess Justin Trudeau knows better than we do what’s best for Canadians.