Falk Responds to Liberal Cabinet Shuffle

July 18, 2018 – Steinbach, MB

Today, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau shuffled his cabinet, reassigning five cabinet members and creating an additional five positions. The shuffle included major shakeups in international trade, natural resources, and small business, and saw new roles created for border security and seniors. Ted Falk, Member of Parliament for Provencher, responded to the shakeup:

“Justin Trudeau’s cabinet shuffle represents an admission of failure on a number of files important to residents here in southeast Manitoba,” said Falk. The Prime Minister’s decision to replace ministers on files like international trade and natural resources is an acknowledgment that his approach has failed to protect Canadian jobs and ensure investor confidence in Canada.”

Justin Trudeau also appointed a new Minister of Small Business. “Last summer, my office was inundated with calls and emails from constituents concerned about the Liberal tax hike on small businesses in our communities,” Falk noted. “While our Conservative team successfully managed to force the Liberals to step back from their initial devastating proposal, their decision to move forward with an altered plan is still hurting many small businesses. I hope the new minister is able to stand up to Justin Trudeau next time he tries to increase taxes on our entrepreneurs and job creators.”

On the appointment of a minister responsible for border security, Falk cautioned that it does not constitute meaningful action to address the illegal border crossings crisis. “For months, the Liberals have insisted that Canada does not have a problem with illegal border crossings despite the clear evidence to the contrary. While this appointment is a welcome acknowledgement of reality, I don’t expect it to reassure Canadians that the Liberals will actually do anything beyond another symbolic gesture,” Falk stated. “If Justin Trudeau didn’t instruct his public safety or immigration ministers to put forward a plan to restore the integrity of our borders, unfortunately I don’t expect him to change course with his new minister,” he added.

Falk was pleased with the appointment of a new Minister for Seniors, a position Conservatives have been urging the Liberals to create. “The Liberals have really left seniors behind since the start of their mandate,” Falk said. “I’m glad they’ve listened to Conservatives and seniors groups by finally taking this step.”

“The trouble is,” Falk concluded, “no matter how many times you shuffle the cabinet, the Prime Minister’s poor leadership at the top will make it difficult to deliver the results Canadians expect.”