Get ready Justin

Justin Trudeau has spent the summer shuffling his cabinet, dithering on border security and working hard to raise your taxes. Conservatives have spent it getting ready to stand up for Canadians and common sense as we head into the fall session of Parliament.

Here are four issues that I’ve been hearing about from my constituents (and from people all over Canada):

Tax Hikes: The Liberals are rubbing their hands with glee at the prospect of more tax revenue to waste. Their latest proposals will see a massive tax hike on small businesses, farmers and professionals. If you are an entrepreneur these proposed tax hikes will make it harder to save for retirement. Canadian small businesses will be forced to lay off employees, cut benefits or shut their doors. These tax increases will also make it more difficult for parents to pass on small businesses or farms to their children. They will also increase the exodus of doctors and other professionals to the United States.

Here’s my question: Justin Trudeau gave $400 million taxpayer dollars to Bombardier (which paid for 50% pay hikes for millionaire executives). He is setting up $15 billion in loan guarantees for billionaire investors and their risky ventures, saddling the Canadian taxpayer with all the risk. He has also ballooned the national debt which means Canadian middle class taxpayers will have to pay higher interest to wealthy bond holders. If Justin Trudeau claims to be the champion of the “middle class and those working hard to join it” why does he keep taking their money and giving it to his uber wealthy friends?

My fellow Conservatives and I will continue to stand up for Canadian taxpayers against Justin Trudeau’s naïve and dangerous tax proposals.

Border Security: The number of illegal migrants crossing into Canada exploded over the summer. As thousands of people poured illegally into Canada the Liberal Government continued to do nothing to stop the influx. The majority of these people do not qualify for refugee status in Canada and many have serious criminal records. In addition to providing millions of dollars in benefits (education, healthcare, housing, legal aid and financial support) the taxpayer is also shouldering the cost of processing these claims. Traditionally, over 60% of those seeking asylum have their claim rejected. In the last two months alone these ineligible (often false) claims have cost Canadians in the range of $112 million. Justin Trudeau, via his reckless tweets and turning a blind eye to illegal border crossings has (and continues) to exacerbate the situation. My fellow Conservatives and I will continue to call upon Justin Trudeau and the Liberals to defend the sovereignty of our border, respect our fair and legal immigration system and protect Canadians.

Religious Freedom: Conservatives have been deeply concerned with the Liberals proposed changes to section 176 of the Criminal Code. This is the only section of the Criminal Code that gives specific protections for individuals (including clergy) to practice their religion without fear of interference, interruption or obstruction. This change sets a dangerous precedent. My fellow Conservatives and I will continue to stand up for core Canadian values: that Canadians of all faiths must be free to practice their religion without fear.

Legalizing Marijuana: Justin Trudeau says he wants to keep pot out of the hands of children but his “plan” to legalize marijuana is a promise to pot smokers, not parents. There are still way too many unanswered questions and those answers the prime Minister has given have been frighteningly naïve. Unlike the Liberals the Conservatives have chosen to listen to the experts and oppose this legislation.

Oh, and we haven’t forgotten his $10 million payment to terrorist Omar Khadr. We’ll be asking about that as well.

Needless to say, we have a lot of work to do on these and many other issues this fall. There are a lot of things the PM has to answer for when parliament re-opens. We all know that Justin Trudeau doesn’t like answering questions or taking responsibility for his actions but he will have to give an account for his reckless decisions and the radical social agenda he is forcing on Canadians. Our Conservative Caucus is ready to go to work. Justin Trudeau had better be ready too.