Holding Justin Trudeau to Account

This week our Conservative Caucus team is gathering in Winnipeg to discuss how to best hold Justin Trudeau and his Liberals to account as Parliament resumes.

We are proud to host our new Conservative Leader, Andrew Scheer, and all our colleagues from across Canada ‎here in friendly Manitoba. Having the entire Conservative Caucus in Winnipeg gives us the opportunity to share our positive Conservative vision for the country.

Members of Parliament from across Canada are hearing from their constituents about their deep disappointment and frustration with Justin Trudeau’s ever-growing list of broken promises and his failure to show leadership on issues that matter to them.
Things like:

• Growing the deficit and leaving Canadians with the bill.
• Failing to protect and defend the integrity of Canada’s border.
• Choosing to continue with his unethical cash-for-access events.
• Secretly giving 10.5 million taxpayer dollars to a convicted terrorist and trying to hide it from Canadians.
• And raising taxes on small businesses, families and individuals. In addition, an even larger tax increase appears to be on its way as Justin Trudeau’s latest plan attacks mom and pop shops, family doctors, and local farmers and will hurt Canadians in every corner of the country. Trudeau thinks that local business owners are ‘cheats,’ but he doesn’t understand that they are the backbone of the Canadian economy.

All of the actions above hurt Canadians across the country but Conservatives meeting in Winnipeg this week will discuss how to best hold Justin Trudeau to account for his dangerous policies and reckless out of control spending.

We believe in keeping our communities safe and upholding our laws. We also want to keep taxes low because we believe in everyday Canadians. We believe that each one of you is best positioned to make the right choices for you and your family rather than government telling you what’s best. This is the core of a Conservative vision to create prosperity and opportunity for everyone, not just the chosen few.

The Conservative Party is committed to being your voice in Ottawa – the voice of hard-working people who pay their taxes and play by the rules – the voice of everyday Canadians, not the party of connected insiders.

And Manitoba: As Conservatives, we will keep fighting for you.