Illegal Migrants Crisis Worsens

Reports are coming in that the number of migrants crossing illegally into Canada “exploded” last week. August 2 alone saw 600 individuals illegally enter into Quebec.

At first it was just a trickle of illegal migrants crossing into Canada every week. Then it rose to dozens. Then hundreds per week. Now, the President of the Customs and Immigration Union is stating that hundreds are crossing illegally into the country daily. And that’s just Quebec.

Jean-Pierre Fortin, President of the Customs and Immigration Union, said that the federal government’s estimates of about 150 people a day are “absurd.” He went on to make the following statements in an interview with the National Observer:

“Officials are trying to downplay (the numbers of people arriving) and to reassure people but I maintain strongly that we truly are in the midst of a crisis of asylum seekers in the country. It’s absurd to be talking about (150 people).”

“The numbers started to explode about a week and a half ago. Agents told me about 500 people arrived on Tuesday and [Wednesday] morning, I confirmed with them for Wednesday (that) 600 people arrived. My numbers come from agents who are doing the work on the frontline. It’s not (coming from) people in offices in Ottawa or Montreal.”

“I have 35 years of service. I have worked 18 years as an agent on the field at the border and I have never seen anything like that.”

It’s clear that the Liberal Government’s inaction has only served to make this problem worse. Justin Trudeau needs to get a handle on this situation before it spirals further out of control.