Moving Forward With a Positive Plan

Last week, Conservatives gathered together in beautiful Halifax, Nova Scotia at our Conservative Party Convention. We were there to raise new policy ideas and to focus on how a Conservative government in 2019 could better serve Canadians across the country.
We discussed policies that focused on placing people before government and we put forward ideas that will create greater opportunities for all Canadians. In 2019, we will be offering Canadians a principled, common sense, responsible alternative to Justin Trudeau’s Liberals.
Delegates at the convention, more than 3000 in total, put forward proposals on many issues. They discussed proposals which explored ways we could lower taxes and this of course included scrapping the massive Liberal carbon tax. In fact, leader Andrew Scheer said “Conservatives know the carbon tax isn’t just bad for big business—it’s bad for absolutely everyone. And that’s why, come 2019, my first act as prime minister will be to get rid of the carbon tax—once and for all!”
Delegates also passed resolutions that dealt with the disastrous Liberal values test within the Canada Summer Jobs program.
Other proposals included working toward an orderly and fair immigration process, maternal health issues, pipelines and increased competition in the airline, banking and cellphone industries.
In his Keynote address, leader Andrew Scheer also touched on out-of-control political correctness – bringing up the city of Victoria’s decision to remove a statue of John A. Macdonald. He stated “We must not allow political correctness to erase what made us who we are. If we look back on our history and our leaders and only see the blemishes, we miss out on a beautiful story of a country that has progressed into one of the safest, freest, and most prosperous in the world.”
Mr. Scheer capped off his speech by stating “we are certainly one big, strong, united, national Conservative party. And next year, we will be a strong, stable, national Conservative majority government.”
With all the issues discussed and the many resolutions passed, the Conservative vision for getting Canada back on track certainly came together this past week in Halifax. I look forward to sharing that positive plan with you, as we move forward together.