What would it take to earn $10.5 Million?

Last month, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau made a $10.5 million secret payment to convicted terrorist Omar Khadr, and issued an apology saying Omar Khadr’s rights had to be defended. Mr. Khadr pleaded guilty in 2012 to killing U.S. Delta Forces ... Full Article

Another Liberal Struggles with the Truth

In a speech last week, Canadian Defence Minister Harjit Sajjan claimed that he was the architect of Operation Medusa, a combat mission which removed 1,500 Taliban fighters off the battlefield in Afghanistan. The problem with his statement – it ... Full Article

Common Sense on Firearms

The Liberals like to make big promises but too often they fail to follow through—or just plain fail. The Conservative Party has a strong record of proposing common sense legislation that makes sense to Canadians. While the Liberals spend much ... Full Article

Just How ‘High’ Are The Liberals?

Last Thursday the Liberal Government unrolled a key plank of their election platform: the legalization of marijuana. But with so many critical questions unanswered, we need to ask: Just how ‘high’ are the Liberals that they think this is a ... Full Article

Statement from MP Ted Falk

Recently a female CBSA agent was assaulted by a male asylum seeker at the Emerson border crossing. Thankfully, she was not seriously injured. Police officers and border agents understand that the nature of their work can put them in harm’s way ... Full Article

Justin Trudeau’s One Day Work Week

Three weeks ago, Justin Trudeau’s Liberal Government quietly released a discussion paper on possible changes that would largely strip the opposition of its power to hold the Prime Minister and his government accountable. Some of the potential ... Full Article

In One Ear and Out the Other

We all know the Liberals have a spending problem. Just this week further revelations of their financial ineptitude came to light in the arena of public opinion research polling. The Liberals are spending millions of dollars polling Canadians. ... Full Article