Dealing with Tragedy

This past Friday, as you all know, a terrible tragedy occurred. Fifteen members of the Humboldt Broncos Hockey team were killed in a tragic bus accident on a rural highway near Tisdale Saskatchewan. The tragedy has shocked and saddened Canadians ... Full Article

Responding to Rural Crime

If you’ve turned on the radio news or read the local paper lately, chances are you’ve noticed that rural crime has been on the rise. Perhaps you’ve even experienced rural crime directly, facing property damage, theft, or other forms of ... Full Article


Many of us remember Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s rebuke of a young woman at a town hall meeting back in February. The woman was trying to ask the Prime Minister a question about why his government was attacking religious charities with ... Full Article

2018 Budget Fails Provencher Residents

The Trudeau Liberals’ recent budget is a failure to deliver for Canadian families. Instead of getting their (out of control) spending under control, they plan to borrow even more money from hardworking Canadians – adding billions more to the ... Full Article

Style Over Substance and Terrorists Too

What’s a sure-fire way to offend your hosts on a State visit? Invite a terrorist to dinner. There’s been a lot of talk this week about Justin Trudeau’s many wardrobe changes on his trip to India; his full slate of fun tourist ... Full Article

Trudeau turning his back on Veterans

At a recent town hall meeting in Edmonton, a veteran asked the Prime Minister why the government was fighting veterans in court, despite promising not to do so during the election campaign. The Prime Minister told the former soldier, who lost ... Full Article