• Opposition to Carbon Tax Grows

    Recently, Canada’s premiers got together in New Brunswick to discuss a number of important files including trade, the economy, and health care. But it was Justin Trudeau’s Liberal carbon tax ...

  • Emergency Meetings Held on Border Crisis

    On Tuesday, the Standing Committee on Citizenship and Immigration held emergency meetings to review the Trudeau government’s response to the tens of thousands of illegal migrants crossing into ...

  • Falk Responds to Liberal Cabinet Shuffle

    July 18, 2018 – Steinbach, MB Today, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau shuffled his cabinet, reassigning five cabinet members and creating an additional five positions. The shuffle included major ...

Pushing Pot and the Carbon Tax Cover-up

Pushing Pot Our pot-pushing Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, has doubled down on his July 1st deadline for marijuana legalization and is now pressuring the Senate to pass it. When they first presented their plan for legalization, the Liberals introduced two bills – Bill C-45, the Cannabis ... Full Article

Falk Celebrates Passage of Rural Crime Motion

Ted Falk, Member of Parliament for Provencher, celebrated the passage of Motion 167 today, introduced by Conservative MP Shannon Stubbs. Mr. Falk was a joint-seconder of M-167. M-167 calls on the House of Commons Standing Committee on Public Safety and National Security to undertake a study on ... Full Article

Falk Reacts to Liberal Buy-Out of Trans Mountain

May 30, 2018 Yesterday, the Liberal Government announced that they will use taxpayer dollars to buy the Trans Mountain pipeline from Kinder Morgan for $4.5 billion. The government will also take over the expansion and core assets. However, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has refused to reveal the ... Full Article

Long Lineups at the Border Expected

Are you thinking of taking a vacation to the US this summer? Maybe even just a quick trip to Grand Forks? I think most of us have been stuck in a massive lineup at the border on our way back to Canada and we know how frustrating it can be. However, those long lineups usually […] Full Article


Our pot-pushing Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, has doubled down on his July 1st deadline for marijuana legalization. The Trudeau Liberals continue to tout the passage of Bill C-45, the Cannabis Legalization Act, as their legislative priority and are pressuring the Senate to pass it. When they ... Full Article

Supporting Compassionate Government

For parents, the birth of their child is a wonderful, exciting moment. Despite the stresses often characteristic of raising children, watching our kids grow up is a special blessing many of us know well. Yet sometimes, this beautiful picture is not the reality for many Canadian families. Sadly, ... Full Article


Justin Trudeau is making life more expensive for Canadian families. Gas prices, electricity rates, taxes and mortgage payments are all increasing, making it difficult for families to make ends meet. His Liberal government has raised income taxes on 80% of middle class taxpayers, boosted payroll ... Full Article

Liberal Government Reducing Penalties for Serious Crimes

Justin Trudeau and his Liberal Government appear to have a real problem with law and order. First it was his reckless tweets which encouraged thousands of illegal migrants to pour across the Canadian border from the US. Those tweets led many to believe that entering Canada through the proper ... Full Article

Liberals Take Aim at Farmers and Duck Hunters – Again

Justin Trudeau and his Liberal Party are once again targeting law-abiding farmers and duck hunters with their new firearms legislation – Bill C-71. Conservatives recognize that the safety of Canadians must be the number one priority of any government and we will always support legislation ... Full Article