• Get Ready for a Higher Carbon Tax

    Justin Trudeau pretends he has a plan for the environment and that his Carbon Tax will achieve Canada’s emissions reductions targets under the Paris Accord. But now his own government’s ...

  • Andrew Scheer’s Immigration Plan

    Last week, Conservative leader Andrew Scheer outlined our positive Conservative vision for Immigration. People come to Canada because they want freedom, equality and opportunity. They want a ...

  • A Canada Fueled Exclusively by Canadians

    Last week, Andrew Scheer, leader of Canada’s Conservatives, announced his intention to pursue a Canadian energy corridor as Prime Minister. An energy corridor is a parcel of land that crosses ...

Conservatives Stand with Canadian Farmers

Justin Trudeau’s relationship with China has been deteriorating and Canadian farmers are paying the price. Earlier this month, Chinese authorities cancelled the sale license for Winnipeg-based Richardson International, a major Canadian canola distributor. The Chinese claimed that the decision ... Full Article

Canada on the World Stage

On December 1st, 2018, Canadian police arrested Meng Wanzhou at the Vancouver airport. They did so on the request of U.S. authorities, who are seeking her extradition on fraud allegations. Meng allegedly lied to American financial institutions as part of a scheme where Huawei used a shell ... Full Article

2018: A Year in Review

Another year has come and gone in Canada’s Parliament. 2018 marked another year of Liberal failures both at home and abroad. In January, we celebrated the start of a new year but it was still the same old Justin Trudeau. The PM embarked on a cross Canada town hall tour to try to repair some ... Full Article

A Wonderful Time of the Year

Another year and another session of Parliament has come to a close. I am happy to be in the riding for the Holidays and proud of the work that our Conservative Caucus did in 2018. We were successful in holding the Liberals to account on many fronts including the modification of the ... Full Article

Values Test Is Still There

It was almost exactly one year ago that my office first discovered the Liberal’s proposed changes to the Canada Summer Jobs (CSJ) program. You may recall that the Trudeau Liberals added an attestation last year to CSJ applications demanding that applicants adhere to Liberal Party values in ... Full Article

Conservative Plan for a Safer Canada

Conservatives believe that a government’s responsibility to protect its citizens is its most important obligation. That’s why we have put together our “Plan for A Safer Canada”. The first pillar entitled “Cracking Down on Gangs”, includes new policy measures to combat gang crime and ... Full Article


On November 14 and 15, residents from across southeastern Manitoba packed community halls to voice their concerns over the decision by the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) to reduce the hours of operation at three ports of entry in Provencher. The local residents shared how the earlier ... Full Article

Smoke and Mirrors on Migrant Math

“Facts are stubborn things,” an old adage reminds us. But for Justin Trudeau’s Liberals, there’s a disconnect between their “facts” and the truth. When illegal border crossings first began to occur in early 2017, Conservatives sounded the alarm but the Liberal government did ... Full Article

Changes to Border Crossing Hours

It was announced this week that the Trudeau Government and Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) will be changing the hours of operation for three ports of entry in Southeastern Manitoba. These border crossings are located at Tolstoi, South Junction and Piney. Currently the Tolstoi crossing is ... Full Article

An Unprecedented Intrusion into the Private Lives of Canadians

When it comes to their personal information, Canadians believe that their government has a duty to protect that information as well as respect the privacy of their personal financial lives. That’s why this week’s news that the Canadian Government is snooping on the financial transactions of ... Full Article