2018 Budget Fails Provencher Residents

The Trudeau Liberals’ recent budget is a failure to deliver for Canadian families. Instead of getting their (out of control) spending under control, they plan to borrow even more money from hardworking Canadians – adding billions more to the national debt. The deficit for this fiscal year ... Full Article

Style Over Substance and Terrorists Too

What’s a sure-fire way to offend your hosts on a State visit? Invite a terrorist to dinner. There’s been a lot of talk this week about Justin Trudeau’s many wardrobe changes on his trip to India; his full slate of fun tourist stops, his celebrity chef and the complete lack of any ... Full Article

Trudeau turning his back on Veterans

At a recent town hall meeting in Edmonton, a veteran asked the Prime Minister why the government was fighting veterans in court, despite promising not to do so during the election campaign. The Prime Minister told the former soldier, who lost his leg in Afghanistan, that veterans were asking ... Full Article

Ten Days to Conform to Trudeau’s Values Test

The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms guarantees freedom of conscience, religion, thought, belief, opinion, and expression. These rights are afforded to all of us in the Canadian family and governments have a duty to ensure that they protect and uphold them. But Justin Trudeau’s ... Full Article

Terrorists Return

Justin Trudeau’s mask has been slipping lately. Canadians have heard our Prime Minister, time and again, speak of tolerance and diversity. Yet as we’ve seen with his Liberal government’s radical change to the Canada Summer Jobs program, his words and actions don’t line up. If you hold ... Full Article

Conservatives Focus on Families

While Justin Trudeau is working to avoid paying back Canadian taxpayers for his vacation, Conservatives are working hard to ensure you can (afford to) take one. It was approximately one year ago that the news broke of Justin Trudeau’s very luxurious Christmas vacation to the Bahamas. As most ... Full Article

Trudeau’s Bullying Tactics on Full Display

If you had told me a year ago that accessing government funding to hire a summer student would be politicized by the Liberal government, I might have been intrigued but I wouldn’t have believed you. Sadly, Justin Trudeau has managed to make a program meant to help young people find good ... Full Article

Where Will It End?

The Liberal government has introduced a troubling new eligibility requirement for organizations looking to take advantage of the Canada Summer Jobs (CSJ) program. The CSJ program provides funding to assist employers, including not-for-profit organizations, that create summer job opportunities ... Full Article

Christmas Greetings

The House of Commons concluded its Fall session on Wednesday, December 13th and with the parliamentary recess now underway, I am thankful to be spending more time with family and in communities across southeast Manitoba meeting with constituents. As I reflect on some of the key issues from this ... Full Article


As we approach the end of 2017, the year in which Canada turned 150, I find myself thinking about where we are as a country; where we have come from and where we are going. We have much to be thankful for as Canadians including the blessings of freedom, peace and abundance. We must be […] Full Article