• Liberals Take Aim at Farmers and Duck Hunters – Again

    Justin Trudeau and his Liberal Party are once again targeting law-abiding farmers and duck hunters with their new firearms legislation – Bill C-71. Conservatives recognize that the safety ...

  • Dealing with Tragedy

    This past Friday, as you all know, a terrible tragedy occurred. Fifteen members of the Humboldt Broncos Hockey team were killed in a tragic bus accident on a rural highway near Tisdale ...

  • Responding to Rural Crime

    If you’ve turned on the radio news or read the local paper lately, chances are you’ve noticed that rural crime has been on the rise. Perhaps you’ve even experienced rural crime directly, ...

Looking Back, Looking Forward

The House of Commons breathed a collective sigh of relief as the spring parliamentary session concluded on June 21, 2017. With the summer recess now underway, I’m thankful to be spending more time in communities across southeast Manitoba meeting with constituents both formally and informally. ... Full Article

Canada’s 150th Anniversary

150 years ago, our forefathers wrestled with the question “How will we describe this vast new Canada of ours?” The term “Kingdom of Canada” was suggested, but that didn’t quite fit. Then, during one of his daily Bible readings, Samuel Tilley–one of the Fathers of ... Full Article

Chinese Takeover of Canadian Technology

Governments around the world are very cautious when Chinese companies seek to take over western technology companies. The one exception seems to be the Canadian Government under Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. With little or no scrutiny, the Liberal government is allowing the sale of ... Full Article

Enabling Accessibility

The riding of Provencher is a great place to live. It is my honour to represent you as your Member of Parliament and to serve this community. Working in politics is challenging and often negative and divisive. That’s why it is so encouraging when a common-sense program comes along that ... Full Article

How Much Damage Will Phoenix Do Before It Rises From The Ashes?

Could your family survive not getting paid for months on end? How about a year? That is what is happening to tens of thousands of Canadian families under the Trudeau Liberals. In 2009 our previous Conservative Government began the careful process of developing a new system to pay public ... Full Article

Another Liberal Struggles with the Truth

In a speech last week, Canadian Defence Minister Harjit Sajjan claimed that he was the architect of Operation Medusa, a combat mission which removed 1,500 Taliban fighters off the battlefield in Afghanistan. The problem with his statement – it was simply not true. According to the chief of ... Full Article

Common Sense on Firearms

The Liberals like to make big promises but too often they fail to follow through—or just plain fail. The Conservative Party has a strong record of proposing common sense legislation that makes sense to Canadians. While the Liberals spend much of their time pandering to special interests, ... Full Article

Trudeau’s Inaction Hurts Canada

It’s difficult to know which is worse for Canada: A US President focused solely on HIS country or a Canadian Prime Minister focused solely on HIMself. On April 25th the U.S. Department of Commerce imposed duties as high as 24 per cent on Canadian softwood lumber imports: putting almost ... Full Article

Just How ‘High’ Are The Liberals?

Last Thursday the Liberal Government unrolled a key plank of their election platform: the legalization of marijuana. But with so many critical questions unanswered, we need to ask: Just how ‘high’ are the Liberals that they think this is a good idea? Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says he ... Full Article