Our pot-pushing Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, has doubled down on his July 1st deadline for marijuana legalization. The Trudeau Liberals continue to tout the passage of Bill C-45, the Cannabis Legalization Act, as their legislative priority and are pressuring the Senate to pass it.

When they first presented their plan for legalization, the Liberals introduced two bills – Bill C-45, the Cannabis Legalization Act and Bill C-46 to help police deal with impaired driving. Justice Minister Judy Wilson Raybould called the two bills “companion” pieces of legislation. However, as the deadline for legalization approaches it appears that one of these bills is far more important to the Liberals than the other.

Pot point man, Liberal MP Bill Blair, has now stated that legalization will go forward even if the impaired driving bill is not ready.

The legalization of a dangerous gateway drug like cannabis is already very troubling, but to do so without the accompanying enforcement legislation is just plain reckless.

Getting behind the wheel of a vehicle while high is just as dangerous as driving drunk. MADD Canada has already denounced this move by the Liberals. Moreover, many business leaders have expressed their concerns to me about the danger and liability of employees driving trucks or operating heavy machinery while high.

I have written previously and spoken in the House of the recklessness of the Liberals on this issue and the immense dangers posed to society by the legalization of marijuana. It is a gateway drug, introducing young people to the world of other illegal drugs—which the Liberals have stated they are now open to discussing legalizing as well.

In adolescents, cannabis damages brain development, impairs cognitive function and can act as the catalyst for severe mental illnesses like schizophrenia. Moreover, legalization will not be a deterrent to criminal organizations as the Liberals say because Government taxation and regulation of cannabis will keep legal producers from being competitive with criminal gangs.

While we disagree with legalization, Conservatives believe that it is more important to get both the cannabis legalization bill and the impairment bill right rather than rush them through Parliament just so the Justin Trudeau can celebrate Canada Day in a cloud of smoke.