Tax Preparation Help for Lower Income Individuals and Families

Whether new to Canada or new to filing taxes, the Harper Government is supporting Canadians this tax season. To ensure newcomers, students, seniors, and those of modest means claim the credits and benefits available to them–including our new family tax credits and benefits–we are partnering with community organizations to offer the Community Volunteer Income Tax Program (CVITP).

The CVITP is a collaborative program between the Canada Revenue Service and local organizations that assists low income individuals and families prepare their tax returns.

The CVITP is available free of charge to any taxpayer who has a modest income and a simple tax situation. It is estimated that over half a million Canadians benefit each year through this initiative.

Each host community organization provides free tax preparation clinics and provides the volunteer power – collectively assembling a nationwide army of over 16,000 volunteers strong. These people-–many accountants and retired CRA employees among them— donate their time and energy to prepare income tax and benefit returns for eligible taxpayers. That’s an inspiring demonstration of generosity and community spirit!

The valuable service volunteers provide allows taxpayers to understand and meet their tax obligations. It also helps them take advantage of our Government’s tax relief measures such as the Tradespersons’ Tools Deduction, Pension Income Splitting, and, new this tax year, our Family Tax Credits and Benefits Plan.

Our Government believes strongly in the Community Volunteer Income Tax Program. That’s why we are investing an additional $1 million in base funding annually. These new funds allow us to expand the use of technology in the program and provide additional support. We want to build an even stronger network of free CVITP clinics across the country.

As a result of the Harper Government’s improvements to the CVITP, families will pay only the taxes they owe, and they won’t miss out on the many credits and benefits they are entitled to receive.

Information on CVITP clinic dates and locations can be found at: