As everyone who lives in rural Canada knows, there are many gaps in cellular service – and southeastern Manitoba is certainly no exception.
Many of my constituents here in Provencher have contacted my office over the past few years regarding this issue and I have made the expansion of cellular services for southeast Manitoba a high priority.
Together with municipal leaders from across the region, I have frequently met with telecom providers to emphasize how important cell service is to our local communities. Our message was simple: cell service is vital to business development, personal communication and safety.
In 2015, I was very pleased to be on hand at the announcement by MTS that they would be building a new tower which would service a wide area in the RM of Piney.
In 2016, I was pleased to attend the Bell-MTS announcement that brought more good news as they announced three new wireless towers to be built along Highway 75.
And just recently, on September 24th, I was again encouraged that all the hard work by so many leaders here in southeast Manitoba was continuing to pay off, when three more towers for our area were announced. New cellular service will be installed for areas near Woodridge, Zhoda and Stuartburn.
This is great news, but there is still a lot of work ahead of us to ensure service is delivered to every area of Provencher. I will continue to work closely with the various telecom companies and local municipal officials to ensure that this momentum continues and cellular services continue to expand across our region.