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A Canada Fueled Exclusively by Canadians

[:en]Last week, Andrew Scheer, leader of Canada’s Conservatives, announced his intention to pursue a Canadian energy corridor as Prime Minister.

An energy corridor is a parcel of land that crosses provincial boundaries that has been designated for moving resources like oil, gas and hydro. Energy corridors can accommodate multiple pipelines, electricity transmission lines and related infrastructure.

The creation of a Canadian energy corridor would allow major job creating projects to get built.

It would also help Canada achieve energy independence.

Canada has more than enough oil to meet our needs. On paper, Canada could become energy self-sufficient tomorrow. Canada is already the fifth largest oil producer in the world. Every day we produce around 3.9 million barrels of oil and use less than 2 million. Yet we continue to spend billions of dollars each year on Saudi oil and oil from the United States.

An energy corridor means we could move Canadian oil from coast to coast. That is part of Andrew Scheer’s vision: A Canada fueled exclusively by Canadians by 2030.

An energy corridor and more Canadian oil would also help to protect Canadians from high and fluctuating gas prices. Cheaper gas prices mean more money in the pockets of Canadians.

An energy corridor and the move to Canadian oil would also be better for the environment. A 2018 study by the Canadian Energy Research Institute found that this move to Canadian oil would reduce global carbon emissions contributing to climate change.

A Canadian energy corridor will benefit all Canadians. It will create jobs, lower gas prices, and lower emissions.

Andrew Scheer plans to work, in full consultation with the provinces and stakeholders to ensure that everyone can share in the prosperity this bold initiative will provide. [:]