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Earlier this week, Canada’s Auditor General, Karen Hogan, released an incriminating report on part of the Liberals’ COVID-19 con job, the ArriveCan app.

The ArriveCan app was initially designed as a contact tracing tool in the early days of COVID-19. It quickly symbolized this government’s failure, overreach, and corruption.

From April 29th, 2020, to November of that year, use of the app was optional. In November 2020, despite regular technical failures and glitches, the use of the app became mandatory for travelers. In July of 2021, a new version of the app was launched, requiring Canadians to enter their vaccination document/status. This invasive policy remained in place until federal COVID-19 restrictions were finally lifted on October 1st, 2022.

The app resulted in 10,000 Canadians being wrongfully quarantined—a violation of their civil liberties for which there has yet to be any accountability, remedy, or even a simple apology from this Liberal Government.

There were always nagging questions surrounding the app, its shortcomings, and how it came to be. Now, the Trudeau Government is trying desperately to cover up its misdeeds.

Since this scandal came to light, whistleblowers have been silenced and government officials have been suspended without pay for telling the truth to Parliament and to Canadians.

The RCMP have opened a criminal investigation into how the government contracts for the ArriveCan app were awarded. There are allegations of identity theft, fraudulently forged resumes, contractual theft, fraudulent billing, price fixing, and collusion—all with senior bureaucrats in the Trudeau Government.

Tech experts have estimated that ArriveCan could have been created at the price tag of $80,000.  The Trudeau Government spent just under $60 million—750 times the original budget. That’s based on the available records. The cost could be higher still, as Hogan noted in her report, but the final cost would be impossible to determine due to poor, often negligent, record keeping.

The Trudeau Government rigged the ArriveCan contract so it would end up with a well-connected two-person IT consulting firm, GC Strategies. These two individuals did no actual work on the app, yet they received $19 million of taxpayer money.

Why did they get the contract? Because the Trudeau government let GC Strategies create the requirements for a contract to ensure no one else could get it.

GC Strategies has been awarded $60 million in government contracts during Trudeau’s time in office, including receiving contracts since the ArriveCan app fiasco.

Investigations have since revealed 76% of ArriveCan contractors did zero work on the project.

Many of these people lacked the necessary security clearance to work on such a project, putting the confidential information and privacy of Canadians at risk.

The Government claimed they outsourced the project because the public service did not have the skills or capacity to develop such an app. This is an absurd claim, particularly given that two guys recreated the app over a weekend as a joke.

The reality is that Justin Trudeau has grown the size of the public service by some 50%. Despite increasing the size of the public service, in 2022 alone, third-party consultants were awarded $17.7 billion in taxpayer dollars, all while taxpayers struggled to pay the bills and feed themselves.  

ArriveCan is just one example and likely just the tip of the COVID-corruption iceberg. We now know that tens of millions of taxpayer dollars wound up in the corporate pockets of well-connected Liberal insiders (Like Frank Baylis—Baylis Medical—and Robert Silver—MCAP). Billions in so-called “COVID spending” remain unaccounted for.

To make matters worse, despite the overwhelming evidence of their negligence and criminal activity, the Liberal Government—helped by the NDP—are trying to cover up the truth from Canadians.

After eight years, this Prime Minister is not worth the cost and not worth the corruption.

Canadians deserve transparency as to who got rich while they struggled to eat, heat, and house themselves.

Canadians deserve a Common-Sense Conservative government that will slash the waste and end the corruption.

While the Liberals and their costly coverup coalition partner, the NDP, continue to block investigations into their corruption, Conservatives will use every measure possible to bring home accountability for Canadians’ tax dollars and ensure those who broke the law are held responsible.