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Budget shows Justin Trudeau is not worth the cost

On Tuesday, Justin Trudeau and Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland tabled their 2024 Federal Budget.

Whereas in past budget cycles the government has remained tight-lipped regarding the contents of the budget, this year the Liberals have been crisscrossing the country making announcement after announcement of new spending.

Given they have already committed to $38 billion in new spending, anyone hoping for a change to this debt loving duo’s free spending ways is sure to be disappointed.   

Tuesday’s budget added an additional $39.8 billion in new deficit spending. This in turn will drive inflation higher. More multi-billion-dollar programs and projects that this government cannot deliver because they consistently fail to put the necessary planning and infrastructure in place to do so and lack the most basic leadership skills at the ministerial level to execute them.

While Freeland has stated the government will not raise taxes (further) on the middle class—or what’s left of it after eight years of this Prime Minster—that commitment isn’t worth the paper it’s printed on—if for no other reason than inflation is, itself, a tax.

The government can make all the “commitments” they want—and they have. The problem is they cannot deliver without doing one of four things: 1) cutting spending (not gonna happen), 2) raising taxes, 3) borrowing more money, or 4) printing more money.

Even if this government does the unprecedented and keeps it’s promise not to raise taxes on the middle class, the reality is the only other taxation route available is to raise taxes on businesses (and/or those who create/run them). Canada already has an abysmal climate for attracting businesses and investment. Any increase in business taxes, we’ll just see more small businesses fold and more large corporations take their money and investment (and jobs) out of Canada.

That leaves borrowing and printing and we’ve seen where that leads the past three years—inflation.  

In short, no matter how you dress it up, this budget will just end up costing struggling Canadians more money they cannot afford.

This Prime Minster has racked up more debt than all his predecessors combined.

He has doubled our national debt to $1.2 trillion! Now, he is adding an additional $38.9 billion in new inflation-driving deficit spending.

In fact, this year, Canada will spend $52.4 billion just to pay the interest on Trudeau’s debt. That’s more money than his government will spend on healthcare.

Justin Trudeau is not worth the cost.

His reckless borrowing and spending have doubled the cost of rent, mortgage payments, and down payments.

His record deficits have driven up interest rates and driven down the buying power of our dollar. This has led to millions of Canadians unable to make ends meet.

Food banks received a record two million visits in a single month last year, with a million additional people expected in 2024.

Struggling families can’t afford higher taxes and more inflationary spending from this government that drives up the cost of everything and keeps interest rates high.

Conservatives sent a letter to Justin Trudeau with three commonsense steps to fix the budget:

  1. Axe the tax on farmers and food by immediately passing Bill C-234 in its original form.
  2. Build the homes, not bureaucracy, by requiring cities permit 15% more home building each year as a condition for receiving federal infrastructure money.
  3. Cap the spending with a dollar-for-dollar rule to bring down interest rates and inflation. The government must find a dollar in savings for every new dollar of spending.

Trudeau ignored all of these common-sense ideas.

Conservatives will not agree to support the budget unless it axes the Trudeau tax on food, builds homes, not bureaucracy, and caps spending.

Only Conservatives are standing up for struggling Canadian families.

Only common-sense Conservatives will fix the budget and make life more affordable for Canadians.