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Canadians are speaking; when will the Liberals listen?

Typically, summer is a time when folks forget about politics and enjoy the sunshine and recreation a Manitoba summer has to offer. Not so this year.

While Canadians may be enjoying the nice weather, they are acutely aware of the economic and social decline caused by eight years of Justin Trudeau and the Liberals. 

Liberal taxes, reckless spending and money printing continues to drive inflation. Forget a summer vacation, many Canadian families are struggling just to put food on the table.

The Liberals remain embroiled in a series of scandals (Chinese interference, special appointments for Liberal donors as judges, the list goes on…) and failures (rising violent crime, the housing and opioid crises) and everything in Canada just feels broken.

The Trudeau Government has been so focused on imposing their own radical agenda they have failed to deliver even the most basic services government is supposed to provide. Never in our history has a government spent so much to achieve so little. All they have done is make government bigger—40% bigger with nearly 100,000 new government employees.

This is the fundamental difference between Liberals (and other left-wing parties) and Conservatives. The left believes more government is the solution to every problem. That’s really the Liberal brand: out of touch, bigger, less accountable, more invasive, less efficient government.

Conservatives believe in smaller, more accountable, less invasive, more efficient government.

That’s why recent polls show Canada’s Conservatives not only in the lead but in majority territory.

Canadians are speaking to this government. They are saying they have had enough of Liberal debt and deficits.

Enough of their soft-on-crime policies.

Enough of their big government failures.

Enough of this Prime Minister and his virtue signaling nonsense.

Canadians are speaking and Justin Trudeau needs to start listening.

It is time for Justin Trudeau to step down as PM and/or call an election so Canadians can choose the leader and the future they want. 

Unlike the Liberals, Conservatives are listening to what Canadians are saying.

We understand the kitchen table issues facing families and we’re offering common sense solutions to get Canada back on track.

To lower the cost of living by getting our debt and deficits under control.

To keep repeat violent offenders behind bars.

To restore your freedoms and get government off your back.

In short, to fix everything Justin Trudeau has broken.