Conservatives will give Canadians a government that works

Only a Liberal/NDP government could increase public service spending by 53% (or $21 billion) and still end up with the biggest federal public service strike in history.

Let’s be clear, the only reason Canadians find themselves in the situation we’re in is because of the ineptitude of Justin Trudeau and his government.

Whatever one’s political leanings, Canadians have to agree, this Liberal Government has failed (often spectacularly so) to execute the most basic functions of government.

As I discussed in my column last week, they have failed to keep Canadians safe, and ever since they decided to send workers home in March of 2020, the government has struggled (often failing outright) to provide the basic services Canadians pay for and expect.

Most recently, Canadians’ access to basic and essential services has been compromised by Justin Trudeau being incapable of coming to a deal with workers.

Justin Trudeau’s terrible management of the economy, his inflationary spending and waste are having a devastating impact on all Canadians. 

While many consider the wage demands of government unions to be unreasonable, it is still the government’s duty to negotiate in good faith and ensure Canadians’ access to timely service delivery is restored as soon as possible.

Moreover, despite increasing the size of government by 35%, the Liberals have also awarded $22 billion dollars in contracts to outside consulting firms to do work which is clearly part of the public service’s core responsibilities. These high-priced consultants (some with direct ties to the Trudeau Liberals) cost every household in Canada $1400 per year and results in a demoralized public service. 

A Conservative Government under Pierre Poilievre will cut back on these high-priced consultants and cut Justin Trudeau’s waste that has bloated the cost and size of government and made life more expensive for Canadians.

Conservatives will bring back common sense to ensure that Canadian taxpayers are getting value for their money, which includes an effective, efficient, and motivated public service.

Conservative are committed to giving Canadians a government that works. One that realizes the people are the masters, the government the servant.