• Vaccine Mandates & New Travel Restrictions Go Too Far

    This week, Justin Trudeau’s new travel restrictions go into effect. Anyone boarding an airplane, train or ferry in Canada must be fully vaccinated. I believe this latest restriction is a ...

  • Citizens Can Still Make a Difference

    I’d like to use my column, this week, to commend the hard work of a small group of Provencher residents who reached out to me regarding the critical need for access to Trikafta in Canada for ...

  • Statement on the New Liberal Cabinet

    Steinbach, MB – Ted Falk, Member of Parliament for Provencher, issued the following statement on the new Liberal cabinet: “Now more than ever, Canadians need a federal government focused on ...

Stop Trying to Criminalize Law-abiding Firearms Owners

The Liberal Government has introduced new amendments to Bill C-21 that will ban millions of hunting rifles. The new prohibition includes any “rifle or shotgun that is capable of discharging centre-fire ammunition in a semi-automatic manner and that is designed to accept a detachable cartridge ... Full Article

Canadian Tax Dollars Should Benefit Canadians

It’s been another expensive week for Canadians. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has been busy, jet-setting all over the globe, dolling out dollars to a variety of international causes. First, was a stop in Cambodia where Trudeau dropped $333 million on a variety of ASEAN (Association of ... Full Article

Remembrance Day 2022: Reflections on a New War in Europe.

As we prepare to observe Remembrance Day this year, the specter of war seems closer than in previous years. The world is closer today to a third world war than at any time since the Cuban Missile Crisis of 1962. Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has brought the reality of a war in Europe closer to ... Full Article

Trudeau’s out of touch and Canadians are out of money

“We have cut taxes and made them [Canadians] better off.” These were the (frankly astounding) words of Finance Minister/Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland. If the Liberal Government were to look up from their tired talking points and ask Canadians the question Ronald Reagan famously ... Full Article

ArriveCAN App Still Haunts Canadians

Since its inception almost two years ago, I have been a vocal proponent of scrapping the ArriveCAN app and its mandatory use. Fellow Conservative MPs and my office heard many stories of constituents being told to unnecessarily quarantine by the app. I had families call my office saying they ... Full Article

Welcome to Canada

As the war continues to rage in Eastern Europe, the Trudeau government continues to show an alarming lack of interest in protecting Canada’s national security. While the Government of Canada has been diligent in helping Ukraine defend its country, they have been far less so—to the point of ... Full Article

Liberal Spending Driving Inflation

Take a look in your wallet or purse. If you can pull together five dollars, it might interest you to know that one in every five dollars in Canada did not exist prior to 2020. According to recent numbers from the Bank of Canada, the number of dollars in circulation rose by 22% since 2020 […] Full Article

Inflation the Chief Concern for Parliament this Fall

This week, Parliament returns for its fall sitting. There is a lot of work to do, and, once again, the Prime Minister is missing in action. Liberal inflation has food prices at a 40-year high, gas prices remain prohibitive for many, and too many Canadians cannot afford a home. Canadian families ... Full Article

The End of an Era/New Beginnings

The End of an Era It was with heavy hearts and deep sorrow that Canadians took in the news that our Head of State, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, had died. Most of us have not lived a day of our lives in which Elizabeth was not Queen. In these uncertain and tumultuous times in […] Full Article

Those who live in glass houses…

Last week, while he was in Winnipeg, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau threw out the accusation that: “What the Premier and others across the country don’t seem to be honest about with Canadians is in the places like Manitoba, where the federal price on pollution applies, average ... Full Article