Carbon Tax?

Our Conservative Government has delivered Canada’s Economic Action Plan – a strong plan to help families, seniors, job creators and communities. We’ve lowered taxes for all Canadians and kept them low, promoted trade, increased exports and delivered targeted savings for families.  We’ve helped seniors in retirement, promoted hiring for businesses, and funded communities to repair and maintain vital infrastructure like roads and bridges.

However, the world economy remains fragile and our own economy is not immune to global financial downturns. Keeping Canada prosperous requires a stable hand at the wheel. We cannot afford to make risky economic decisions.

In a speech to the Calgary Petroleum Club last week, Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau confirmed what Canadians have always known – under a Liberal Government Canadian families would be hit with a job-killing carbon tax.

His words couldn’t be any clearer. He said “Canada needs to have a price on carbon”.

Put simply, a carbon tax would make it more expensive to do business in Canada.  It would be a deterrent for businesses to operate here, making them more likely to take their companies – and their jobs – across the border or overseas.  A carbon tax would make it more expensive for farmers to operate their businesses, meaning the price of groceries would go up.  And it would drive up prices even more on our home heating bills.

While Justin Trudeau and the Liberal Party would hit Canadian families with a job killing carbon tax that would increase the cost of gas, groceries, and everything else, our Conservative Government will remain focused on job creation and economic growth.

While the other parties seem to think Canadians can afford to pay more, our Conservative Government is sticking to our low-tax plan to help families, seniors, jobs creators and more, save.