Carrying On

We’ve come a long way. It was just over three months ago now that the Government of Manitoba declared a State of Emergency as a result of COVID-19. But this past weekend, Manitoba took another positive step forward as our province entered Phase 3 of the Restoring Safe Services plan.

While this is good news, for so many in our communities the restrictions imposed, during this State of Emergency, have increased hardship in a variety of ways. Business closures and lost jobs. Lost time with loved ones in the hospital or in a personal care home. The inability to have or attend weddings, funerals, graduations, and church services. You name it. Many of us have understandably experienced the fear, sadness, and frustration attached to these situations.

But even in the midst of these difficulties, our communities have shown a strength and resiliency that has helped to move us forward. Businesses got creative. Teachers reached out and connected with students in news ways. Frontline workers rolled up their sleeves and took on extra hours.

While this may not have been the season we expected, we should acknowledge those individuals – parents, workers, business owners, and so on – who rose to the occasion. Those who met the challenges of this time head on and made our communities stronger in the process.

Over the next few months, I want to regularly use this space to highlight stories of those who exemplified this strength and resiliency in our communities. Do you have a story of someone who has gone above and beyond during this time? I invite you to submit it to for consideration with the subject line “My Community Story”. In 200 words or less, please share about how an individual or business has inspired you with their response.

It’s not hard to find bad news these days, so making space to celebrate what’s good has become all the more important. I look forward to reading your stories!