Conservative Environment Bill Passes 3rd Reading

Ottawa, ON – Yesterday, MP Ted Falk voted in favour of a bill to ban the export of Canada’s plastic waste to foreign countries.

Introduced by Conservative MP Scot Davidson, Bill C-204 proposes to amend the Canadian Environmental Protection Act, 1999 to prohibit the export of certain types of plastic waste to foreign countries for final disposal.

“When Canada sends plastic waste overseas for disposal, there is no guarantee it will be disposed in an environmentally-friendly way,” said Falk. “This is a tangible way to ensure the proper disposal of waste here in Canada.”

All Conservative, Bloc Quebecois, NDP, and Green members voted to pass the bill, while Liberal MPs voted against it. The final vote was 179 in favour, 151 opposed.

“The Liberals claim to be champions of the environment, but they chose to vote against a bill that would help prevent plastic pollution,” Falk added. “Thankfully, Opposition parties united to get the job done.”

“Conservatives will continue to put forward real solutions to environmental challenges.”

Bill C-204 now proceeds to the Senate for consideration.