Getting Down to Business

With the federal election now firmly behind us, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has announced that the House of Commons will reconvene on December 5.

As Members of Parliament – both returning and newly elected – arrive in Ottawa, one of the first orders of business will be the Liberal government’s Speech from the Throne. The speech, which will outline the broad goals and aims of the government, also serves to officially open the new parliamentary session.

This week, Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer met with Prime Minister Trudeau to lay out key priorities we want to see in the Liberal plan. Our proposals are reasonable, achievable, and would help to heal the divisions in our country that seem more pronounced today than in recent memory.

First, we recognize that affordability is a significant concern for so many Canadians. This is something Conservatives across the country heard at the doors during the election, including here in southeast Manitoba. That’s why we will continue our calls for broad-based tax relief to help all Canadians get ahead, not just get by.

Next, in light of Justin Trudeau’s ethics violation over his role in the SNC-Lavalin corruption scandal, Conservatives are prioritizing restoring ethics and accountability to government. We will advocate for stronger penalties in the Conflict of Interest Act that will actually deter the behaviour we’ve seen from the Liberal government, rather than a simple slap on the wrist.

Third, Conservatives are deeply concerned about the regional divide left in the wake of the election results. That’s why we will work to advance practical initiatives that will keep Canada strong and united, including the launch of a task force to study the establishment of a national energy corridor. A national energy corridor could bring hydroelectricity from Manitoba, Ontario, and Quebec to new markets, open up opportunities for western Canada’s oil and gas, and connect rural communities in Atlantic Canada and the north – a truly national project with benefits we can all share.

And of course, protecting our environment. Conservatives laid out a comprehensive environment plan during the election that included common-sense measures such as helping homeowners adopt green solutions for their homes and ending the dumping of raw sewage into Canadian waterways. We’ll be urging the Liberals to move forward with ideas like these in order to be better stewards of the natural environment we’ve been blessed with.

With the main concerns of Canadians top of mind, our Conservative team is ready to get back to work in Ottawa. I look forward to doing my part to ensure the views and values of you and your family are heard in the nation’s capital.