Holding the Government to Account

As 2019 comes to a close, I am proud of how much Canada’s Conservatives have accomplished this year.

We succeeded in reducing Justin Trudeau’s majority government to a minority, and welcomed new Conservative MPs from coast to coast. Our team is focused on the job we were elected to do – holding this government to account.

In the first week of the House sitting we had our first success – handing the governing Liberals their first defeat of this Parliament by passing a motion to strike a special committee on Canada-China relations. This committee will ensure that the government is standing up for Canadian interests.

Here at home, this Liberal Government has unfortunately set the stage for a made-in-Canada recession. The deficit is $7 billion higher than they promised only months ago, and there is absolutely no plan to balance the budget. Canada’s Conservatives understand that never-ending deficits and out-of-control spending is hurting Canadians. They threaten the livelihoods of future generations and weaken Canada’s ability to respond in times of economic crisis.

On the bright side, we did recently receive some encouraging news that Canada signed a new NAFTA trade deal with the United States and Mexico. With Canada’s economy slowing down, a strong trading partnership with our southern neighbours is vital now more than ever. Unfortunately, the concessions made in order to get the deal signed will hurt Canada’s dairy sector and our aluminum industry. These issues will need to be addressed and I will be taking time to review this deal and its impact carefully.

Parliament will reconvene in late January and our Conservatives team will continue to work tirelessly to help Canadians get ahead and restore ethics and accountability to government.