Justin Trudeau’s War on Family Businesses

The House of Commons has adjourned for summer, but Prime Minister Justin Trudeau continues to show his contempt for Parliament—and by extension, hardworking, taxpaying Canadians.

Two weeks ago, I wrote about some of the common-sense legislation Canada’s Conservatives were able to pass in the last sitting of Parliament, including Bill C-208—a bill that creates tax fairness for farmers and small business owners.

The Bill has passed both Houses of Parliament and received Royal assent. It is now the law in Canada.

Despite this fact, Justin Trudeau’s Liberal government is, once again, defying the will of Parliament by refusing to implement Bill C-208.

Many small businesses in Canada are family owned and operated. Prior to C-208, the sale of a farm, fishing operation or small business to a third party was treated as a capital gain—against which one could use a portion of their lifetime capital gains exemption—but selling your farm or business to your children was considered a dividend, and taxed at a much higher rate. This bill ensures that farmers and small business owners receive the same tax treatment when selling their operation to a family member as when selling to a third party.

This doesn’t just affect business owners. Nearly 70% of Canadians are employed by small businesses. They are the backbone of our economy. When small businesses succeed, Canada succeeds. When small businesses are allowed to thrive, Canadians thrive, reaping the benefits of that success.

Unfortunately, Justin Trudeau doesn’t get this. This is obvious from how he continues to go after small businesses and their employees.

Time and again, Justin Trudeau has shown his contempt for small businesses and farmers. He has called them “tax cheats”. He has gone after their employees, going so far as trying to tax small employee discounts—the last thing a single mom, working the night shift in a restaurant to provide for her family, should have to worry about is Justin Trudeau trying to tax the discounted meal she receives. Throughout the past year and a half, he has allowed his billionaire friends to grow exponentially richer, profiting off COVID-19, while too many small businesses have been forced to close their doors.

Likewise, time and again, Justin Trudeau has shown his contempt for the will of Parliament. Bill C-208 received majority support in the House of Commons and in the Senate. It was supported by MPs in all parties – including even a few Liberals. Yet the Trudeau government is simply choosing not to implement it.

The people’s elected representatives have spoken. Canadian farmers and small business owners should have tax fairness, today. Whether Justin Trudeau likes it or not, Bill C-208 is now the law and, as Prime Minister, he must ensure it is implemented, immediately.

Sadly, Justin Trudeau is too busy running for re-election to care about the plight of farmers, fishers, small businesses, and their employees.

Canada’s Conservatives understand the kitchen table issues faced by ordinary Canadian families.

We’re listening to farmers and small business owners. That’s why we’ll continue to propose and pass realistic, common-sense legislation.

Justin Trudeau will continue to focus on himself and his billionaire friends. I’ll continue to stand up for Canadian families.