Lack of Federal Leadership Breeds Fear

I have written before, in recent days, of the epidemic of fear that has paralyzed our nation.

Some are still afraid of the coronavirus. Some for their vulnerable loved ones.

Some are still afraid for their jobs. Some fearful for their business. Some for the economy in general.

Some are afraid of the infringements on their Charter rights.

Some fear getting the vaccine. Others fear those who choose not to.

Some fear for their mental health or that of their children and loved ones.

Some fear what our weakened State—post COVID—will mean for Canada, at home and abroad.


As is often the case, fear breeds contempt and disunity.

We have all seen the debates online, or at the dinner table.

We have seen the outbursts at the grocery store.

Families have been split. Workplaces have split. Churches have split.

Canadians have split.

COVID-19 has further divided a Canadian house already struggling to find common ground.

Long before COVID-19, Justin Trudeau and the Liberals were working hard to divide Canadians. Calling business owners “tax cheats”. Attacking farmers and hunters to appeal to people in downtown Toronto. Vaccinated vs unvaccinated. This is called “identity politics”: Using fear to pit one group of Canadians against another to stir division and help create the demographics they need to win elections.

And it works.

They wouldn’t do it if it didn’t.

One need only look as far as the past year to see how easy it is to turn people—friends, neighbors, families—against one another. All you need is fear.

Canada is a house divided, and a house divided against itself cannot stand.

The opposite of fear is security.

After a year and half of uncertainty, Canadians want to feel secure. They want to feel safe.

In all likelihood, sometime in the next few weeks Canadians will be plunged into a federal election.

Justin Trudeau and the Liberals will try to use the fear and uncertainty of the past to further divide Canadians.

Don’t be fooled. They don’t have Canadians’ backs. They want to use Canadians to get their majority back.

Conservatives are listening to the people. We recognize that Canadians are asking for security. That’s why we’ve outlined five clear objectives to guide us in our quest to secure the future of our nation.

Conservatives will:

Secure the economy.

Secure jobs.

Secure mental health.

Secure accountability.

Secure Canada.

Justin Trudeau and the Liberals will continue to traffic in fear. Conservatives are ready to lead. To do the work to bring Canadians together and secure our future for generations to come.