Liberals Lack Logic on Gun Policies

Canadian hunters and farmers will well remember the days of the wasteful Liberal long gun registry.

More recently, they passed Bill C-71 (a not-so-subtle back door attempt to resurrect said registry). Now, the Trudeau Liberals are at it again.

To their credit, the Liberals seem to be (reluctantly) resigned to the fact that legally owned handguns are not a major contributor to gun crime in Canada and, thus, a national ban would be ineffective in deterring gun crime.

So, why are they now proposing (by some means yet to be determined) to give local governments the ability to ban handguns in their municipalities? If a national handgun ban would be ineffective, what on earth makes them think a handful of spread out local bans will be? There is no logic in this. It is yet another example of the Trudeau Liberals opting for symbolism over substance and basic common sense.

Canada has some of the strictest gun control laws in the world and 93% of gun crimes in Canada are the result of illegal guns, not those bought and licensed by law abiding Canadians.

Nobody knows better than legal gun owners the responsibility and social covenant that comes with owning a firearm. It is shameful that the Liberals keep smearing them by equating them with criminals.

A recent Carillon poll found that some 98% of Provencher residents who responded, oppose such a ban. I agree.

Such a policy would not only be unfair and illogical, it is, as one journalist recently put it “breathtakingly stupid”.