Liberals Seek Legalization of Hard Drugs

A Liberal Member of Parliament has introduced a private member’s bill to legalize the possession of hard drugs, including heroin, crack cocaine, and meth. This is extremely troubling as Canadians know these drugs are very dangerous and do lasting damage to people who use them.

However, this isn’t the first time the Trudeau Liberals have opened the door to legalizing drugs.

First it was the push for marijuana legalization and support of “safe” injection sites.

At their last policy convention, Liberals overwhelmingly supported a call to decriminalize all illicit drug use in Canada.

As recently as last year, Liberal members of a Parliamentary committee put forward a recommendation calling on the federal government to decriminalize the possession of dangerous hard drugs.

While Justin Trudeau has ruled out full decriminalization, for now, his members seem to have other plans.

Residents here in Provencher are rightly concerned about Liberal efforts and policies that would make it easier to access and use hard drugs.

These policies will do nothing to help Canadians struggling with addiction and nothing to help solve the opioid crisis.

While the Liberals focus on making dangerous drugs more accessible, Canada’s Conservatives will focus on the health and well-being of Canadians, including helping those struggling with addiction, through recovery and prevention.

Drugs tear families and communities apart. Drugs destroy lives. They should remain illegal.