MP Ted Falk Affirms Opposition to Liberal Carbon Tax

Steinbach, MB – Ted Falk, Member of Parliament for Provencher, issued the following statement following the Supreme Court ruling on the Liberal carbon tax:

“In a 6-3 split decision, the Supreme Court of Canada has ruled that the Liberal government’s federal carbon tax law is constitutional. While imposing a carbon tax may be constitutional, this does not mean it’s the best approach.

“Conservatives know protecting the environment is possible without asking struggling families to pay more. That’s why we are committed to repealing the Liberal carbon tax.

“The Supreme Court decision recognized that policies related to emissions reduction touch on areas of federal and provincial jurisdiction. Rather than the punitive Liberal approach, Conservatives will take a collaborative approach to protecting Canada’s natural environment while also allowing for a strong economic recovery.

“Conservatives have already introduced several common-sense bills in the House of Commons to address environmental challenges. I’m pleased to be supporting legislation like Bill C-204, which addresses the proper disposal of plastic waste, and Bill C-269, which will prevent the dumping of raw sewage into Canadian waterways. Conservatives will continue to present constructive solutions on behalf of Canadians.”