MP Ted Falk Seconds Bill to Expand Bereavement Leave for Parents

Ottawa, ON – MP Ted Falk has seconded a bill to dramatically expand bereavement leave for parents suffering the loss of their child.

Introduced by Conservative MP Tom Kmiec, Bill C-307 expands bereavement leave to 8 weeks for parents who have experienced a stillbirth, the death of a child under the age of 18, or the death of a disabled child in the parent’s care.

“No parent ever wants to experience the loss of their child,” said Falk. “But when such a tragedy occurs, they need support.”

Currently, the bereavement system outlined in the Canada Labour Code only includes a generic three days of paid leave and two days of unpaid leave.

“This brief bereavement period is completely disconnected from the realities of such loss,” said Falk. Not only is it unsympathetic, it offers parents almost no time to make arrangements and properly grieve following the death of a child.”

A 2019 report of the Standing Committee on Human Resources, Skills and Social Development concluded the federal government “can and must do more to improve the level of compassion and support for parents and families who have lost a child” and called for “new programs that ensure parents can take time off work without compromising their job or financial security” to be explored. Bill C-307 advances these important recommendations.

“Bill C-307 is a compassionate bill that will support parents when they need it most,” Falk concluded.