MP Ted Falk Seconds Bill to Stop Foreign Aid from Funding Hostile Foreign Governments

Steinbach, MB – Ted Falk, Member of Parliament for Provencher, has seconded a bill to protect Canadian tax dollars from getting into the hands of hostile foreign governments.

Bill C-287, introduced by Conservative MP Garnett Genuis, changes the Official Development Assistance Accountability Act to require that Canadian aid dollars align with the promotion of international peace and security.

“Canadian foreign aid is a critical tool to support vulnerable people around the world,” said Falk. “We need to ensure that Canadian tax dollars spent on international development assistance are aligned with Canadian values.”

A key objective of the bill is ensuring that Canadian aid is never used to advance the interests of foreign governments that seek to extend their influence, undermine democratic values, or undermine freedom and sovereignty in developing countries.

“Unfortunately, we’ve seen examples – like the Liberal government’s funding of the China-led Asian Infrastructure Bank – where tax dollars help a foreign government expand its influence and export its model of authoritarianism,” said Falk. “This has to stop.”

Falk hopes the bill will receive support across party lines when it comes up for debate.