MP Ted Falk Seconds Bill to Stop Internet Sexual Exploitation

Ottawa, ON – MP Ted Falk has seconded a bill to combat internet sexual exploitation.

Introduced by Conservative MP Arnold Viersen, Bill C-302, the Stopping Internet Sexual Exploitation (SISE) Act, would require those making or distributing pornographic material for a commercial purpose to verify the age and consent of each person depicted. It also would prevent the distribution of pornographic material when consent has been withdrawn. Those who fail to verify age and consent face escalating penalties or jail time mirroring those in the mandatory child pornography reporting laws.

“Right now, pornographic platforms in Canada are publishing sexually explicit content without verifying the age or consent of those involved,” said Falk. “This has allowed videos of sex trafficking, child exploitation, and sexual assault to appear on Canadian pornography websites and even generate profits for these companies.”

“Once a video of exploitation has been uploaded, it is virtually impossible to eliminate,” said Viersen. “We have heard testimony from survivors whose lives have been shattered by the reckless actions of companies like MindGeek. Countless survivors have also been forced to relive their trauma and track down their own abusers in order to have content depicting their abuse removed. We must do more to prevent these videos from ever reaching the internet in the first place. It is time to place the burden of due diligence and corporate responsibility on companies rather than survivors and law enforcement.”

“No one should have to relive their abuse again and again,” said Falk. “The Stopping Internet Sexual Exploitation Act will empower survivors and prevent companies from continuing the cycle of victimization.”