Welcome to Canada

As the war continues to rage in Eastern Europe, the Trudeau government continues to show an alarming lack of interest in protecting Canada’s national security. While the Government of Canada has been diligent in helping Ukraine defend its ... Full Article

Liberal Spending Driving Inflation

Take a look in your wallet or purse. If you can pull together five dollars, it might interest you to know that one in every five dollars in Canada did not exist prior to 2020. According to recent numbers from the Bank of Canada, the number of ... Full Article

Inflation the Chief Concern for Parliament this Fall

This week, Parliament returns for its fall sitting. There is a lot of work to do, and, once again, the Prime Minister is missing in action. Liberal inflation has food prices at a 40-year high, gas prices remain prohibitive for many, and too many ... Full Article

The End of an Era/New Beginnings

The End of an Era It was with heavy hearts and deep sorrow that Canadians took in the news that our Head of State, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, had died. Most of us have not lived a day of our lives in which Elizabeth was not Queen. In these ... Full Article

Those who live in glass houses…

Last week, while he was in Winnipeg, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau threw out the accusation that: “What the Premier and others across the country don’t seem to be honest about with Canadians is in the places like Manitoba, where the ... Full Article

Canada’s Window to Defend the Arctic is Closing

Last week, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and NATO head Jens Stoltenberg toured Canada’s Arctic. While he was careful not to criticize Canada, the message from Stoltenberg was clear: Canada needs to meet its NATO commitments, especially in the ... Full Article

Scrap the App

This is not the first time I have written on this subject. I hope it will be the last, given the growing calls for Ottawa to scrap the ArriveCan app. As one columnist articulated it this week: “The app has long been nonsensical and outdated, ... Full Article

It’s Time to Get Back to Work

Let’s be honest: Wherever one sits on the political spectrum, I think all Canadians can agree our government is broken. The Trudeau Liberals have allowed Canada’s public service sector to deteriorate to the point where it cannot provide the ... Full Article

Justin Trudeau needs a vacation from his vacation

Justin Trudeau is on vacation—again. The Prime Minister and his family are off to Costa Rica for two weeks. I do not begrudge the Prime Minister a vacation. His is a demanding job and like everyone else, he should be entitled to a holiday. ... Full Article