Rogers Outage a Wake-Up Call for Canadians

This past Friday, millions of Canadians suddenly found themselves without access to phone and internet service. Such a thing may seem of minimal impact to some. So what if a person can’t go on social media—a blessing for us all—or watch ... Full Article

Canada’s Bureaucracy is Broken

Wherever one sits on the political spectrum, Canadians are uniting under a common banner of frustration and fatigue at this government’s inability to perform the basic functions of government. In recent weeks, my staff have spent hours on the ... Full Article

A Brief History of Canada Day

On July 1st, 1867, the British North America Act was passed by the British Parliament, creating the Dominion of Canada. On June 20th, 1868, our first Governor General, Lord Monck, signed a proclamation requesting that all Her Majesty’s ... Full Article

“Let them eat cake”

“Let them eat cake.” Legend attributes these words to French Princess Marie Antoinette. When told her people had no bread and were starving, Antoinette is purported to have given the callous reply. Whether fact or fiction, this phrase has ... Full Article

Who asked for the Emergencies Act?

For months the Trudeau Government has maintained last February’s “Freedom Convoy” posed a serious threat to national security and that law enforcement asked the government to invoke the Emergencies Act. Day after day, when questioned in ... Full Article

Canada Must Take Steps to Deal with Food Security

Nations rise and fall based on their ability to feed themselves. In an increasingly global marketplace, where developing nations rely heavily on exports from other countries to feed themselves, any interruption in supply causes a chain reaction ... Full Article

God Save our Queen

At a time when all one seems to hear about is tragedy and politics, it is comforting to know there are still some figures who rise above the political fray and are a source of national comfort and stability. I am speaking, of course, about Her ... Full Article

Canada Unprepared Deal with Global Threats

Last week, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau finally barred Huawei from Canada’s 5G network. It only took him three years to do it. To ban Huawei is a no brainer. Security experts, including our own intelligence agencies, have been warning about ... Full Article

Mr. Trudeau, You’re Not an American

One would think Justin Trudeau’s long line of gaffes on the world stage would make him hesitant to leave the country. Instead, he continues to ignore numerous pressing domestic concerns in favour of those of other nations. To be clear, I am ... Full Article

Public “Service” a Contradiction in Terms

During the early days of COVID-19, when millions of Canadians were in need of government assistance, the Trudeau Liberals decided to send federal public servants home. Two years later, we’re still trying to clean up the mess. My staff have ... Full Article