• Statement regarding the Liberal Throne Speech

    Steinbach, MB – Ted Falk, Member of Parliament for Provencher, released the following statement today regarding the Liberal government’s Speech from the Throne: “In August, Prime Minister ...

  • Community Heroes Part I

    In the midst of all the bad news going on in our world, I think it is important, from time to time, to take a break from the fear and frustration and focus on something positive. A while back, I ...

  • Federal Election this Fall?

    I have had many constituents ask me, in recent days, about what is happening in Ottawa. How does prorogation work? What exactly is the Throne Speech? What should people expect, and will the ...

Falk Responds to Liberal Economic ‘Snapshot’

Ottawa, ON – Ted Falk, Member of Parliament for Provencher, responded today to the Liberal government’s Economic and Fiscal ‘Snapshot’. Yesterday, Finance Minister Bill Morneau tabled the ‘Snapshot’ in the House of Commons, confirming that the Liberal government is running a deficit ... Full Article

Trudeau Under Investigation…AGAIN

Canada’s Ethics Commissioner has, once again, launched an investigation into Justin Trudeau’s behavior. This time it centers around the Prime Minister’s choice to award a $900 million contract to a charity with close ties to his family and the Liberal Party. On June 25th, the Liberal ... Full Article

Reflecting on Canada Day

2020 marks the 153rd anniversary of Confederation, when great Canadians, led by Sir John A. MacDonald, founded the Dominion of Canada. In 1867, this group of 36 pioneers cast a pragmatic vision for Canada. A land of freedom and promise. A land where citizens could enjoy the right to life, ... Full Article

Falk Calls for Sergeant Tommy Prince to be Next Face of $5 Bill

Steinbach, MB – Ted Falk, Member of Parliament for Provencher, has signed onto a letter supporting the inclusion of Sergeant Tommy Prince on the new $5 note. Sergeant Tommy Prince was Canada’s most decorated Indigenous war veteran. He joined the army at age 24 and became a founding member ... Full Article

Carrying On

We’ve come a long way. It was just over three months ago now that the Government of Manitoba declared a State of Emergency as a result of COVID-19. But this past weekend, Manitoba took another positive step forward as our province entered Phase 3 of the Restoring Safe Services plan. While ... Full Article

Trudeau Sells Out Canadians for UN Seat

I’ve had a number of constituents ask me how Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is spending his time during the COVID-19 crisis. The answer may surprise you. When not popping out of his cottage to answer softball questions from the national media, Justin Trudeau appears to have been spending a ... Full Article

Questions for Justin Trudeau

Earlier this week, I had the opportunity to question the Liberal Government at the Special Committee on COVID-19. Here are some of the questions I had for Justin Trudeau—questions the Government House Leader couldn’t handle. “In 2015, while in opposition, Justin Trudeau said “For ... Full Article

Parliament Suspended

The Trudeau Liberals were granted their dream scenario, last week, by the NDP: A suspension of Parliament. In exchange for adopting an NDP policy, to provide 10 days of paid sick leave, New Democrats voted in favour of a Liberal motion to limit the debate over COVID-19 spending to four hours ... Full Article

Well Done Manitoba

Last Thursday, Premier Brian Pallister announced phase two of Manitoba’s re-opening plan. I applaud the provincial government’s movement toward a resumption of normalcy. While the situation remains fluid, I am pleased with how well our province has done. Through a mixture of good planning, ... Full Article

Falk Troubled by Suspension of Full Parliamentary Sittings

Steinbach, MB – Ted Falk, Member of Parliament for Provencher, today shared concerns with the decision to suspend full parliamentary sittings until September. “The Liberal government has shut down Parliament until September, with the help of the NDP,” said Falk. Yesterday, the Liberal ... Full Article