Pornhub Should be Prosecuted

Recently, I cosigned a letter with other concerned MP’s (from all parties) and Senators calling on the Liberal Government to take action against Pornhub, the world’s largest website creating and distributing pornography.

Over the past two years, Pornhub has attracted international attention and condemnation for its exploitation of women and minors.

Investigators have found numerous examples of illegal content including the horrific sexual abuse and exploitation of children, the exploitation of trafficked individuals, rape, incest and the publishing of both voyeuristic and other unconsented to sexual images.

In addition to its illegal content, Pornhub videos also promote and portray misogynistic and gender-based violence as well as explicitly racist content.

This is the second time we have written to the Prime Minister and Justice Minister to express these concerns. A similar letter was sent in March, with no response.

Pornhub is owned by Montreal based company Mindgeek. This is a Canadian company! As such, they are subject to Canada’s laws.

This content is in clear violation of sections 162 (publication of intimate or voyeuristic images without consent) and 163 (obscene images/child pornography) of the Criminal Code of Canada, as well as (potentially) sections 272 (sexual assault) and 279 (human trafficking).

Sadly, to date, the Justice Department has yet to bring a single prosecution.

This government that prides itself on its “feminist” credentials is failing to protect women and children from sexual exploitation and abuse. Why is Justin Trudeau silent?

The pornography industry is known to be one of the leading causes of sex trafficking.

It is responsible for promoting misogyny and violence against women.

As such, pornography poses a clear risk to public health and safety, and we are calling on the government to take action.

What is keeping the government from prosecuting these crimes?

Is new legislation needed, and, if so, will the government introduce it?

It is the first responsibility of government to protect its citizens, especially those who are most vulnerable.

The government must send a clear message that the abuse and exploitation of women and children will not be tolerated in Canada.