Statement on the Liberal government’s 2021 Budget

Ottawa, ON – Ted Falk, Member of Parliament for Provencher, issued the following statement in response to the Liberal government’s 2021 Budget:

“As Canadian families struggle to recover from a tough year, Budget 2021 offers little encouragement.

“Unemployed Canadians, or workers who have seen their wages cut and hours slashed, deserve a plan to reopen the economy. They didn’t get one. And families hoping for tax relief are only likely to see their taxes rise as the Liberals add billions to Canada’s debt load.

“The Liberals have left Canadians on the hook for a $354 billion deficit in 2020-21, or 16.1 percent of GDP. Spending like there’s no tomorrow appears to be the new Liberal fiscal orthodoxy, contributing to Canada’s growing national debt – debt that can only be paid through higher taxes. And long gone is any notion of returning to balanced budgets.

“Instead of empowering Canadians to make the best decisions for their families by putting money back into their pockets, billions in spending has been directed to more and bigger government. This is nowhere more evident than with child care, where the Liberals are proposing a one-size-fits-all, Ottawa-knows-best daycare system. Parents, not bureaucrats, know what is best for their families and should instead be empowered to make decisions that suit their family’s unique needs and circumstances.

“While I am grateful to see money being made available for municipal infrastructure priorities, we know the Liberals have had trouble actually getting infrastructure money out the door since they took office. Municipalities need to know they’ll receive the funds they need to get shovels in the ground on important local projects.

“Budget 2021 offers some support for seniors, although not nearly the amount urged by opposition parties. I’ll be doing everything I can to hold the Liberals accountable on these commitments.

“The Liberals also neglected to increase health transfers to the provinces – a clear indication that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau isn’t listening. Opposition parties are united in calling for this, and provinces have been clear they need additional support to protect the health of Canadians.

“It took two full years for the Liberals to get around to introducing this Budget. Though I’m glad to see the Liberals finally managed to complete this basic task, after all this time it’s a serious letdown.”