Statement regarding the Liberal Throne Speech

Steinbach, MB – Ted Falk, Member of Parliament for Provencher, released the following statement today regarding the Liberal government’s Speech from the Throne:

“In August, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau asked the Governor General to prorogue Parliament until September 23rd. This decision shuttered parliamentary committees investigating the Prime Minister’s role in the WE Charity scandal and sheltered him from Opposition questioning. It also gave him an opportunity to lay out a path forward for Canada as we face a challenging health and economic reality.

“But after wasting six weeks where he could have worked with Parliament on solutions for Canadians, Justin Trudeau failed to offer a clear path forward as many individuals, families, and businesses face significant uncertainty, struggling to make ends meet.

“While full of Liberal buzzwords, the Speech failed to paint a clear picture of how the Liberals intend to keep Canadians healthy while ensuring Canada’s swift economic recovery following the impact of COVID-19. The Speech failed to demonstrate how the Liberals will move from words to action at a time when Canadians gravely need the latter.

“In particular, the Liberals ignored a key request from provincial premiers, including Manitoba Premier Brian Pallister, to increase funding for health care services. Instead of providing provinces with the resources they need to keep their citizens healthy, the Liberals continued to display an “Ottawa-knows-best” attitude that will see more decisions taken by a federal government far away from those most impacted by their choices.

“The Speech was also silent on addressing the combined impact of COVID-19 and the Liberal carbon tax on our agriculture sector and failed to respond to concerns about western alienation and national unity.

“There was also no effort made to establish a clear fiscal framework as Justin Trudeau racks up record debt, asking the generations of tomorrow to pay his bills today. More debt and spending does not help Canadians when you can’t demonstrate how it will make their lives better.

“Justin Trudeau’s failure to address these important issues have made it impossible to support his Throne Speech.

“Under the leadership of Erin O’Toole, Conservatives are offering a serious, compassionate, and ethical government-in-waiting that has Canadians’ backs. We will continue to fight for a credible plan to keep Canadians safe and aid our economic recovery.”