Thank You, Provencher

I was very pleased to be re-elected to a fourth term as Member of Parliament for Provencher.

I’d like to thank my team and all our wonderful volunteers for all their hard work, and my family, for always being there for me.

Thank you to my opponents for letting their names stand, and to all those who voted, for participating in our democracy.

All Canadians can now give a collective sigh of relief that election 2021 is over.

This was an especially divisive election.

It was an unnecessary election—its only purpose to satisfy the bruised ego of Justin Trudeau and quench his thirst for more power over the lives of Canadians.

It was disappointing to see Justin Trudeau returned to power, but it is with another minority government. Conservatives will hold him accountable to Canadians.

Now that the election is over, we must work together to put aside any lingering bitterness and learn to live as a community, again. To look for common ground (where possible) and engage one another— including those with whom we disagree—not with hostility, but with honesty, civility and compassion.

That’s what I’ve strived to do in my career and what I will continue to do as your MP.

It is an honour to serve the people of this riding and I am excited to get back to work, representing Provencher views and values in Ottawa.