The Trudeau Liberals: Ideology, Incompetence and Failure

It’s been a busy week in Canada’s Parliament. As such, I will be postponing the conclusion to our series on Canada’s debt and deficits in order to make you aware of some of the deeply disturbing actions taken by this Liberal Government in the past week.

I am running out of words to describe the levels of incompetence and dangerously deluded decision-making that characterize this Liberal Government. Across government ministries, ideology reigns supreme over common sense resulting in incompetence and failure at a time when Canadians need their government most.

The Liberals’ confusing new travel restrictions are now in effect. My office has been inundated with calls and emails from people who, for various legitimate reasons (death of a loved one etc.), need to travel and nobody can get a clear answer from the government. The Liberals have proven incapable of something as simple as setting up and staffing a hotline to book hotel rooms for quarantines. These travel measures are overly burdensome and, as usual, hurting the wrong people.

Similarly, the Liberals are back with Bill C-21, a follow-up to last May’s Order in Council action on firearms. As usual, the Liberals are targeting law abiding gun owners and ignoring illegal guns. Canadian gun owners already abide by some of the toughest gun control measures in the world. Nobody knows better than law abiding firearms owners the responsibility and social covenant that comes with owning a gun. I’ll have more to say on this bill in the coming weeks.

Bill C-7 the Liberal’s Medical Assistance in Dying (MAID) bill is back from the Senate and will, unfortunately, soon become law. This bill currently presents several dangerous precedents and I will be voting against it, as I have at every step along the way.

Equally disturbing is the Liberals blatantly ideological refusal to stop funding the United Nations Works and Relief Agency (UNRWA). Time and again, UNRWA has provided educational materials to Palestinian children that promotes anti-Semitism and terrorism. For a government that spends so much time talking about racism and extremism, their silence on UNRWA is deafening.

Meanwhile, Parliament continues to debate Bill C-14, the latest COVID-19 spending bill. Given the government’s past failures and excesses, we are taking a close look at this legislation.

All the while, despite a flurry of rhetoric, the Liberals continue to fail to deploy rapid testing and get vaccines for Canadians who want them. They continue to fail—or refuse—to bring an end to the endless cycle of restrictions and confusion.

While Justin Trudeau focuses on himself, Canada’s Conservatives are focused on you.

We’re focused on the economy and jobs.

We want you to be able to go to work and school and visit your loved ones.

We’re fighting for you and your family.