Throne Speech Fails to Unify

After six weeks of Justin Trudeau’s post-election vacation and so-called consultations, Canadians expected to see a government that had learned from its mistakes. A government that would work to heal regional divides. To strengthen our position on the world stage. To get Canadians back to work in hard hit regions. To finally give hope to the millions of Canadians who feel abandoned by Justin Trudeau.

Instead, they got more of the same from a Prime Minister who spouts symbolism over substance and prefers platitudes to concrete plans.

The speech made no mention of a plan to balance the budget. No mention of a plan to restore ethics and accountability to government. No mention of support for Canadian forestry or energy workers. And most concerning of all, no mention of national unity.

Our message to Canadians is this: There is still a party in Canada that is fighting for you. There is still a party in Canada that believes in putting your needs ahead of their wants. There is still a party that hasn’t given up on the idea that Canada is stronger when we work together. Canada’s Conservatives are here to serve Canadians.

If the Liberals are willing to work together with us, we are ready to get to work, but we will not prop up Justin Trudeau’s failed agenda. Especially not at the expense of national unity or the plight of Canadian families struggling to get by.

I will continue to work hard for you as your common sense voice in Ottawa, serving Provencher and helping hold this Liberal government to account.